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TOM'S Co., Ltd (株式会社トムス Kabushiki-gaisha Tomusu?) is a factory supported racing team and tuner of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The name stands for Tachi Oiwa Motor Sport. Their head office is located in Tokyo, Japan. They are currently heavily involved with Super GT racing andFormula 3 racing. TOM'S creates aftermarket parts for current Toyota vehicles, and have also created their own special edition of certain currentLexus models.
TOM'S stands for Tachi Oiwa Motor Sports. As cited in the TOM'S English website, TOM'S was established in 1974 by Nobuhide Tachi and Kiyoshi Oiwa. Despite an oil crisis at the time, the two were able to show productive results and a healthy development of motorsports for Toyota. With the support of Toyota, TOM'S went into business in 1974.

In 1975 the Toyota Motor Corporation officially recognized TOM'S as an authorized tuning shop. In 1978, the firm opened a garage in the Tama area of Tokyo. The tuning firm expanded to Norfolk, England with branch openings in 1987.

In 1993, TOM'S produced vehicles for the Japanese Formula 3000. In 1994, the firm marked its 20th anniversary with "TOM'S Angel T01", a commemorative model. 1995 saw the lightweight sports car series T101, T082, and T020. In 2003, TOM'S modified vehicles entered the All Japan F3 Championship group of the All Japan GT Championship.

List of TOM'S Complete Cars

TOM'S Supra
TOM'S SC 430
F070M Celsior (Lexus LS 400/430)
F070 Celsior (Lexus LS 400/430)
Z382 Soarer (Lexus SC)
S741 Majesta (0-60, 4.6)
S630 Aristo (Lexus GS300, GS400)
S740 Athlete
S970 Athlete
S972 Estate
X540 Chaser
E910 Altezza (Lexus IS300)
Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS200)
Land Cruiser
V10 Mark-X 0-60, 3.8
H125 Alphard
W123 (MR-S)
T020 (MR-2) 0-60, 4.9
T111 (Corolla AE111 Trueno)
P050 Vits 0-60, 5.8
EP82 Starlet GT Turbo 0-60, 4.0

Also the aero work done to the number 36 Castrol TOM'S SUPRA (1997 GTC 500 Champion with Michael Krumm and Pedro de la Rosa).