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12 Reasons to Buy Adventure Action Figures

An action figure is a character figurine with manipulatable arms, legs, and other body aspects.  Action figures are usually made of hard plastic, but alternative materials include plastic resin and die cast metal. The characters can be completely original creations, but they’re usually based on a popular character from a book, comic book, movie, television series, or video game. The term "action figure" was first used in 1964 by Hasbro as a way of marketing its G.I. Joe figures to boys without using the word doll.

Buy Adventure Action Figures
In the 1960s, most people perceived action figures exclusively as toys for children. That began to change in 1976 when Kenner released its highly successful line of Star Wars figurines. The original Star Wars line had several effects: it reduced the standard action figure size to 3.75 inches, caused the market to diversify beyond just military figures, and it inspired the adult collector, a force that would completely change the industry in the 1980s. Today, the action figure market is a diverse one, and it caters to men, women, and children alike. There are many reasons why the modern consumer buys action figures, and the 12 most common reasons are as follows:

1.Buy Adventure Action Figures to Play With
One aspect that hasn’t changed since the 1960s is that the majority of all action figures sold are sold for children to play with. Overall, however, this segment of the market has changed considerably in the more than 50 years since the first G.I. Joe. The figures are smaller, which makes them easier for children to hold, manipulate, and store. The selection is also much greater, and there are options available regardless of where the child’s interests lie. The main reason why action figures have remained a popular children’s toy so long is that they’re an incredibly effective tool for nurturing imagination.
2.Buy Adventure Action Figures to Collect Them
Although children continue to be the primary consumer of action figures, at least indirectly, the adult collector has continued to be the driving force in the market since the 1980s. Adult collectors have more disposable income, spend more of it, and tend to have longer attention spans, so their purchases have a great deal of influence on future releases. Many adult collectors focus on properties from their childhoods, such as Star Trek or Indiana Jones. However, the industry can inspire collectors to embrace new properties as well. For instance, the recent success of comic book movies has turned some B-list comic book heroes, such as Hawkeye and Black Widow, into big sellers.

3.Buy Adventure Action Figures to Display Them
With the stigma on adults owning action figures mostly gone, it has become increasingly common for people to display them as works of art. There are stands available, some quite fancy with glass lids and the like, that allow the figures to be displayed in an elegant manner. Furthermore, action figures used as works of art aren’t limited to just those based on movie and TV characters; in fact, the designer and urban vinyl niche has exploded in recent years, and in this segment, consumers can find unique items as well as figures inspired by the full range of pop culture.

4.Buy Adventure Action Figures as Conversation Pieces
Some people display action figures not as works of art to appreciate but as novelties that can inspire a mood or start a conversation. For instance, it’s not unusual for shops in NYC to have a Spider-Man figurine in the window or on the counter, and many doctors and dentists who deal with children will have various action figures in their offices and examination rooms because the figures put the kids at ease and give them something to talk about. Photographed action figures can be fine conversation starters as well, so some people take photos alongside them for use as social networking profiles.

5.Buy Adventure Action Figures as an Investment
Since the collector market is so strong, some non-collectors purchase newly released action figures in the hopes of selling them for a profit when they turn vintage. Prices for vintage action figures can be volatile, and there are certainly much better ways for a person to invest their money long term. However, the short-term markup on popular figures, especially right after a run ends, can be considerable. Therefore, the industrious consumer can often buy and sell an action figure in a relatively short period of time and turn a tidy profit in the process.

6.Buy Adventure Action Figures to Trade Them
With collectibles, a greater overall return on investment can be achieved by trading rather than selling. This may be of little use to the short-term investor, but it can be an effective tool in a collector’s arsenal. Collectors should always buy low and sell high, and when an especially good deal is available, the collector should invest in additional units now with the intent to sell or trade high later. With a commitment to this approach, the collector can stretch his or her budget considerably and can reduce the burden of acquiring the most coveted figures.

7.Buy Adventure Action Figures as Gifts
One of the most likely reasons for a person to purchase an action figure is as a birthday gift or Christmas present. For young boys, in particular, an action figure is an obvious gift, but action figures can also be purchased as not-so-obvious gifts. For example, a Deckard figurine can be a wonderful surprise for a Blade Runner fan, and a Frodo figure can make a great gift for a Lord of the Rings fan.

8.Buy Adventure Action Figures as Memorabilia
Action figures can also be purchased as memorabilia; in other words, as a reminder of particular place or time. Action figures as memorabilia can represent a historical, cultural, or entertainment event. A figure of an athlete can serve as a reminder of an important sporting event. A figure of a musician can serve as a reminder of a special concert. A historical figure can serve as a reminder of a travel destination, and a cartoon character, such as Mickey Mouse, can serve as reminder of a wonderful vacation.

9.Buy Adventure Action Figures to Enhance an Interest
When buying an action figure as a gift, one of the possibilities is to buy it based on an interest for a person who isn’t necessarily a collector. Consumers can apply the same logic to themselves. If a person has a favorite TV program, movie or video game, then they can purchase an action figure to enhance, and as a celebration of, that interest. It’s for this reason that manufacturers often include character figures in the collector’s editions of video games, Blu-rays, DVDs, and even some music box sets.
10.Buy Adventure Action Figures to Create Works of Art
Many people purchase action figures as works of art, but some people buy them to create their own art. Commercial examples of such endeavors include the many LEGO people inspired cartoons and video games. There are also several popular web video series and web comic series that are created by filming and photographing the action figures as the characters. There are also many artists who use action figures to create dioramas, and there are entire websites dedicated to this kind of art.
11.Buy Adventure Action Figures to Craft Custom Figurines
A relatively new art phenomenon is the custom action figure. In this art form, the artist uses a commercial action figure as a base and modifies it until it’s a unique figure. Creating custom action figures has become a hobby onto itself, and there are now entire sections at conventions dedicated to showcasing this kind of artwork. Such figures have become so popular that artists and collectors now sell and buy them via sites like eBay.

12.Buy Adventure Action Figures to Go On an Adventure
Another reason to buy action figures is for the adventure of the process. A weekly trip to the local toy store with a son or daughter can become a family tradition. The hunt for a hard-to-find action figure can become a journey that spans the country or even the Internet. Likewise, collecting historical figures can become a globetrotting quest that spans a person’s lifetime.

Hasbro manufactured the first action figure in the 1960s. Since then, the figures have gotten smaller and more detailed, and they now appeal to a much broader consumer base than just young boys. Nowadays, there are many reasons why consumers buy action figures. Some buy them to play with, to collect them, to display them, and even to invest in them. Action figures have become so commonplace that the entertainment companies often include them in the deluxe Blu-ray and video game sets marketed at the general public.

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Adventure Action Figures Buying Guide

Adventure stories have been part of the human experience for eons. Stories featuring heroes, monsters, and long journeys full of obstacles have been told since the days when evening entertainment consisted of stories told around a fire pit. Escaping from day-to-day life through adventures and riveting tales is exciting for children and adults alike. It is this tradition that spawned modern toys devoted to similar storytelling. Today’s children can use their imaginations to save Gotham City, escape from Stormtroopers, or battle a Balrog; they can even do all three simultaneously with adventure action figures. Adventure action figures hark back to the early days of marketed action figures. Indeed, the first toys that were considered action figures were G.I. Joes, followed soon after by toys depicting superheroes and villains. Today’s action figures depict everything from the same familiar superheroes, modernized for a sleeker look and with many more gadgets, to sword-wielding characters from beloved fantasy films and stories.

Action Figures Based on Popular Characters
The 1960s saw the rise of the action figure. Companies were looking for a toy as popular as the newly released Barbie doll that could be marketed to boys, and in 1964, G.I. Joe action figures were released. Like the Barbie, these early figures, also called "action dolls," were made of plastic, were 11.5 inches tall, and had removable clothing and accessories. The original G.I. Joe figures were modeled from characters in the 1945 film "The Story of G.I. Joe." Most action figures seen today follow the same tradition and are made in the likeness of characters from popular action adventure films and TV shows.
Besides G.I. Joes, some of the early mass-produced figures were figures from Marvel and DC comic books. Superman, Spiderman, and Batman were some of the first superhero figures to be released. Today, versions of superheroes as depicted in darker graphic novels are some of the most popular collectible adventure action figures.
The first adventure action figures based on a feature film were based on the original Star Wars film, which was released in 1977. These figures differed from G.I. Joes in that they were made completely of molded plastic, including their clothing, and were only 3 and ¾ inches tall. The immediate popularity of the Star Wars action figure changed the world of toys, and companies followed suit with similar products on into the 1980s and 1990s, marketing action figures based on action and adventure television shows and movies ranging from Transformers to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Indiana Jones. Modern adventure films have their own line of action figures as well. The success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy led to a line of collectible toys in the likeness of wizards, hobbits, elves, and men. These toys are made of moldable plastic, but the plastic is a bit more pliable than traditional material. LOTR collectible figures are unique in that their clothing is mostly molded on, but some characters have capes made of cloth. Sizes vary with these figures as sizes vary between wizards and hobbits.
Historical Figures
Perhaps many people use the word adventure to refer to battles in outer space or in other galaxies or worlds where sword fighting and horseback riding are common. But adventure could also refer to historical events, such as wars or contemporary space exploration. Shoppers can find action figures to accommodate those interests as well. Pose-able action figures can even be found in the likeness of Buzz Aldrin, Albert Einstein, Mozart, Ben Franklin, Shakespeare, and Michael Jackson, who can have adventures of their own or just grace a bookshelf for a unique conversation starter. Every U.S. president from George Washington to Barack Obama has an action figure in his likeness.
Kids can even have adventures on the court or field with action figures depicting popular athletes of both today and yesterday. Babe Ruth can even battle Michael Jordan in the world of action figures.
Fantasy Characters
Some of today's popular adventure toys are not humanoid like those mentioned above. The popularity of children's shows such as Skylanders and Pokemon led to a different type of figure altogether. These figures tend to be smaller than even the early Star Wars toys, and many do not articulate at all.
Features and Vehicles
Action figures usually have minor articulation. The neck, the arms at the shoulders, and the legs will move on these types of figurines. Some more basic figures only have arms that move or no moveable parts at all. Early action figures came with removable clothing, but later figures were made completely from hard plastic, and the clothing of those figures was part of the mold and not removable. Accessories are often included with toy figures - some come with weapons such as laser guns, swords, or bow and arrow sets. Action figures can come with more elaborate accessories such as horses or other vehicles, or perhaps the adventurer comes with tiny sunglasses, a backpack, and a canteen. From the initial release of the action figure, vehicles have also been available. G.I. Joes rode in tanks or helicopters, and these transportation options sometimes came with a figure included. Adventurers in Middle Earth have molded plastic horses, and action figures from a galaxy far, far away can ride in a wide array of flying vehicles. Superheroes also have transportation, sometimes even vehicles like the Batmobile that can transform into other vehicles. Small settings depicting a secret lair or mini areas of a city where superheroes can fight crime and defeat the villain can also be found. These are often called "playsets" and some are quite elaborate, with many rooms, reaching heights of more than three feet.
Vintage and Collectible Action Figures
In the 1990s, collecting action figures became a hobby among young people, especially men. Today, action figure collecting is a lucrative pastime, and many of the most coveted vintage figures are of the adventure variety. Collectors may opt to buy their action figures loose without packaging, which is the most commonly seen way to purchase vintage figures. When Star Wars figures, for instance, were released, no one was concerned about keeping the toys in their boxes to save as a future investment. However, the occasional figure or adventure vehicle can still be found in original packaging, usually at a much higher price than a loose figure. Sellers will list the condition of their action figures if they are not in original packaging. Typical conditions range from poor to like new. Always ask sellers about included accessories if details aren’t mentioned in a listing. Collectors who already have a figure but who need accessories to complete the original appearance of an adventure action figure can find loose accessories as well, such as dog tags for G.I. Joe, belts for Batman, and swords for hobbits.
Action Figure Customization
If a collector wishes to find a more personalized adventure-style action figure, many companies market customized figures that will meet the buyer’s specifications. If a shopper wants an 11.5 inch articulated figure with a mask, cape, sword, elaborate shield, and snake-like mutation, they can get a figure made to their specifications. Collectors can also choose their favorite superhero in a one-of-a-kind costume via customization. Interchangeable action figures and their parts are also available so that a child can put Iron Man’s head on Wolverine’s body for a sort of body-snatching comic adventure, or a collector can choose to display a figure with a different head and facial expression depending on their mood or desired room decor.
Adventure action figures have been popular toys and collector’s items since their initial release. Collectors today have the advantage of the Internet to find rare adventure action figures, and shoppers who just want to find figures that will be played with have a variety of options as well. Children and adults with big imaginations can use action figures and their accessories to bring timeless tales of adventure to life.

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7 Reasons to Collect Urban Vinyl Action Figures

Collecting urban vinyl action figures is a hot, relatively new hobby that started in the East and has made its way to the West. Unlike standard action figures, urban vinyl action figures, which are sometimes just referred to as "urban vinyl," don't typically depict superheroes and movie characters. Rather, these action figures most often depict unique, artistic characters and popular figures in urban culture, such as hip hop artists. As such, urban vinyl action figures are always designed with adult collectors in mind, rather than children.

A Brief History and Description of Urban Vinyl Action Figures
Hong Kong artist Michael Lau began the urban vinyl toy trend in the late 1990s. After making one action figure for an electronic music group, Anodize, the artist eventually turned all of his comic strip characters into similar vinyl action figures. Other artists, such as the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, the Australian artist Nathan Jurevicius, and graffiti artist KAWS, started to create their own urban vinyl action figures. The figures typically depicted some aspect of hip hop, skateboarding, or graffiti youth culture. Unlike a child's action figure, an urban vinyl figure might be shown holding a gun or a beer bottle, or it might be displayed as a male character whose baggy pants hang low enough that his boxers are visible. Many urban vinyl characters are not depicted as humans at all. For instance, the popular urban vinyl Dunny character is a rabbit-like creature with an overly large head who is displayed in a variety of ways: as the Grim Reaper, as a killer holding a machine gun, as an angry man with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, as an alien, as a ninja, and so forth. Human or not, almost all urban vinyl is influenced by other popular urban styles, such as graffiti art, manga comics, goth/punk rock, and skateboard art. Here are the seven best reasons to begin collecting urban vinyl action figures.
1. Urban Vinyl Action Figures Are Always Rare
When Hasbro or Mattell makes a new action figure, they are likely to produce tens of thousands at once. Urban vinyl action figures, however, are made for a small, exclusive audience. They also fall halfway between what is considered "art" and what is considered "toy." Given these points, the largest runs of urban vinyl figures are only about 2,000 pieces. It is not unusual, however, for a run of urban vinyl characters to number only 500 pieces. As the law of supply and demand dictates, whenever action figures are rare, collectors value them even more highly. Because urban vinyl action figures are always rare, their eventual monetary value is likely to be higher than an average action figure's value.
2. Urban Vinyl Action Figures Appeal to a Variety of Audiences
Collectors of vintage Barbie dolls or G.I. Joes will always possess items that appeal only to a select audience. The only people who understand the obsession with vintage action figures and dolls tend to be other people who are equally obsessed. Urban vinyl, on the other hand, appeals to a much broader audience. For music fans, urban vinyl figures associated with a particular DJ or rapper are appealing as a type of music memorabilia. For art collectors, urban vinyl occupies a unique, Warhol-like place in contemporary pop art. For collectors of action figures, urban vinyl provides a brand new angle to their collection. Collectors who invest in urban vinyl, therefore, have a potentially wider audience to eventually buy pieces of their collection.
3. Urban Vinyl Action Figures Start Already Valuable
A brand new Star Wars action figure still unopened and in its box will not be expensive. Standard action figures are inexpensively mass produced and are designed to withstand abuse at the hands of a 5-year-old. It is not unusual for a brand new urban vinyl figure, however, to be much more expensive when it is purchased directly from the manufacturer. Some figures are so limited and so intricate that they sell for hundreds of dollars even before they become collectors' items. The owners of Star Wars action figures may need to wait a decade before their figure is worth much more than what they paid for it. The owners of urban vinyl, however, already own figures that are relatively valuable. As long as they keep that figure in good condition over the years, it can eventually become quite valuable.
4. Collecting Urban Vinyl Is a Way to Collect Art
Art comes in many forms. From handmade quilts from Appalachia to Renaissance-era paintings, what people use to add art to their home and work spaces varies widely according to taste. For individuals who appreciate urban culture and graffiti art, urban vinyl from a well-known artist is the three-dimensional equivalent of hip hop album art or high-quality street graffiti. Collecting urban vinyl, in this sense, is almost the same as collecting figurines, fine china, or delicate carvings from other types of artists.
5. Collecting Urban Vinyl Is a Way to Own a Piece of Pop Culture
One of Michael Lau's popular designs is a series of Brando-esque characters from the classic Godfather movies. Not only are these figures rare and valuable, they also represent a piece of pop culture history. Collecting urban vinyl styled after specific characters or historical figures is a good way to document passing trends in popular culture.
6. Urban Vinyl Action Figures Are a Great Addition to a Regular Action Figure Collection
Although true urban vinyl action figures are specifically designed to reflect urban or pop culture, there are also vinyl action figures carefully crafted to represent traditional action figure heroes. This type of action figure is sometimes known as a "designer toy." For example, vinyl Batman figures made in the style of urban vinyl look like anime-style renditions of a normal Batman action figure toy. For collectors of other types of action figures, these urban vinyl figures are a great way to add depth and style to their collection.
7. True Urban Vinyl Action Figures Are Utterly Unique
Excluding the vinyl figures made to look like traditional action figures, urban vinyl figures are truly one-of-a-kind. The characters and representations of real-life people created by urban vinyl artists are not found anywhere else in art or in toys. One example of the unique nature of urban vinyl action figures is the line of Predator Vs. Alien urban vinyl figures in baby form. The line features the imagined babies of the monsters from the Predator and Alien movies. Each baby has an oversize, manga-style head with a small body and equally large feet. There is even a Predalien baby, or the imagined offspring of a Predator and Alien crossbreed. Another example of a unique urban vinyl piece is the Dweezil Dragon, sold by Kidrobot and designed by the popular Kronk Studios. Dweezil is a dragon who appears to have a street-smart sensibility. In one version of the dragon, he wears a top hat that leans jauntily forward and is decorated by an ace of spades stuck into the hat's band. The line of Dweezil's boxer shorts shows above his sagging pants, and his feet are adorned by Converse-like sneakers.
Urban vinyl action figures provide their fans with a way of collecting both action figures and art at the same time. Although they are toy-like in size and appearance, urban vinyl figures were never meant to be played with by children; they were designed with adults in mind. Almost always produced as limited edition, small run items, popular urban vinyl characters become almost immediately valuable as soon as the toy maker sells them out. To find good deals on urban vinyl items and rare urban vinyl action figures, visit eBay. The international site connects fans of urban vinyl from New York City to Hong Kong, making it easier to find unique urban vinyl pieces from all around the world.

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Five Tips for Collecting Designer Action Figures

Most action figures are mass-produced, hard plastic toys sold mostly by brands that have been household names for decades. G.I. Joe, for example, the first action figure, has been a Hasbro toy line since the 1960s. However, not all action figures are mass produced, universally recognizable characters. Designer action figures are examples of unique, short-run toys that are increasingly popular with action figure collectors.

Understanding What Designer Action Figures Are
Designer action figures may depict a traditional superhero, such as Batman or Spider-Man, or they may be the unique creations of a particular artist or designer. Unlike regular action figures, designer figures are not mass-produced for children but are produced in small runs specifically for adults. They straddle the divide between what is considered "art" and what is considered "toy." It should also be noted here that although the term "action figure" is used to refer to this style of designer toys, some companies use the terms "statue" or "figurine." Technically, an action figure is a posable toy; not all of the designer toys that are called "action figures" are actually posable. The following five tips will help those new to the genre of designer action figures to get started with their own collection of these unique toys.

1. Start by Choosing a Subgenre of Designer Action Figure to Collect
Just as there are male action figures and female action figures, action figures who represent comic book heroes and action figures who represent movie characters, there are also a number of subgenres when it comes to designer action figures. Here are two of the most common types of designer action figures that collectors can choose from:
Urban Vinyl Designer Action Figures
Urban vinyl action figures, often just referred to as just urban vinyl, are figures that have been designed by artists to represent pop or urban culture. For example, urban vinyl action figures are often dressed to resemble urban youths, hip hop artists, or skateboarders. Urban vinyl action figures are also frequently non-human. One well-known line of urban vinyl is the Dunny character line, a series of rabbit-like creatures dressed in various unusual ways, such as in a gas mask, with a skull for a head, or as a demon.
Manga and Anime Action Figures
Some manga and anime action figures are designed with adults in mind. A prime example are the action figures designed by Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita, almost all of which are female characters depicted in sexually suggestive clothing and poses. Another example from this subgenre is the ARTFX J line of figures from Japanese toy maker Kotobukiya. This line has both male and female anime and manga action figures artistically designed and with careful attention to detail.
2. Alternatively, Collect Designer Versions of Traditional Action Figures
Because runs of designer action figures are so small, even characters that have been mainstays of the action figure genre for generations become quite valuable when they are re-imagined as designer toys. For instance, the toy maker mentioned above, Kotobukiya, produces not only hard-to-find anime figures but also traditional figures, like Batman. A Kotobukiya Batman character, however, is unlike any Batman figure produced by well-known toy makers such as Mattell or Hasbro. Because a Kotobukiya designer action figure is meant to be art, a designer Batman figure has every muscle, cape crease, and belt pouch visible.
3. Learn About Different Types of Designer Action Figure Materials
One factor collectors consider when purchasing designer figures to add to their collection is the type of material used to create the action figure. The most common types of materials used in the creation of designer action figures are ABS plastic, PVC plastic, vinyl, resin, and polystone. Each type of material has certain implications for the collector.
ABS Plastic Action Figures
ABS is short for "acrylonitrile butadiene styrene." It is a hard, smooth plastic that is very durable but not very conducive to delicate details. However, the advantage of using ABS plastic is that figures are unlikely to break. Many Gundam anime action figures use ABS plastic.
PVC Plastic Action Figures
PVC, which is short for "polyvinyl chloride," is the same type of plastic used to create the plastic pipes in most modern buildings. Although it is a softer plastic than ABS, it is still relatively durable. Because it is softer than ABS, PVC designer action figures are often depicted in much greater detail. People concerned with environmental issues, however, should be aware that the production of PVC releases many pollutants.
Vinyl Action Figures
Vinyl is far more flexible and soft than either of the two other materials mentioned above. An example of a common vinyl toy is a "rubber" duck for the bathtub. Hollow on the inside, action figures created from vinyl are not nearly as durable as plastic figures. Because the material is so soft, though, it is one of the top material choices for creators of designer action figures. Unfortunately, vinyl is also one of the worst materials in this list for the environment.
4. Consider Limiting the Designer Action Figure Collection to Environmentally Friendly Materials
The majority of designer action figures use one of the three types of materials listed above. Stricter environmental regulations in the West mean that the vast majority of designer action figures are produced in Asia, particularly in China. The fact that the designer action figures are difficult to produce without creating hazardous by-products leads some collectors to look for toys made from materials that are more environmentally friendly. Here are two material options for eco-conscious collectors.
Resin Action Figures
Resin is a hard substance that is not usually used for posable action figures but can still be used for figures with fine details. Although most resin is synthetically produced, it is less toxic than the materials mentioned above and is sometimes made from plants and trees.
Polystone Action Figures
Polystone is a type of resin that is easier to mass produce. Like resin, it is hard but tends to be more brittle and breakable. Also like resin, polystone action figures can be created in relatively high detail.
5. Know Where and How to Buy Designer Action Figures
Collectors looking for unique designer action figures, hard-to-find figures, or vintage characters in good condition turn to one of three places: the toy manufacturer's website, conventions, or eBay. Collectors buy directly from the toy manufacturer when they don't mind paying full-price and are interested in buying a specific new line of toys or complete sets. Companies worth noting in the designer action figure world include the aforementioned Kotobukiya, along with Munky King, Kidrobot, Super7, and Max Toy Company. This list is certainly not extensive; there are many other small companies whose toys are especially valued by collectors. When buying directly from the toy manufacturers, buyers should buy early and buy complete. Producing toys only in small runs mean that companies quickly run out of their latest figures, which is why buying early is important. "Buy complete" means that collectors would be wise to buy complete sets of toys rather than purchasing the toys piecemeal. Conventions, such as popular annual Comic Con in the United States or the Tokyo Toy Show in Japan, are great ways to find rare and vintage toys from professional collectors. Buying from vendors at a convention differs from buying from a toy manufacturer in that prices are more often fluid than fixed. While it's sometimes possible to haggle with a vendor at a convention, haggling usually isn't an option at a regular retail store or manufacturer's store. Furthermore, the same figure might be sold at two different prices in the same convention. Because toy prices vary widely from site to site and vendor to vendor, buyers should do some price research ahead of time.

Designer action figures are excellent collectibles because they have been designed specifically with collectors in mind. Created in limited edition runs only, all designer action figures are rare by their very nature, which makes them especially fun to collect. Although collectors can purchase designer action figures at conventions and directly from toy manufacturers, one of the best places to find designer action figures is on eBay.

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